Thursday, November 17, 2011

Less is More

John is standing at the pinacle of his career.  He is famous.  He has drawn a massive following and has his own set of disciples.  He has probably even become a household name.  John is "there".  He has reached stardom.  If there had been twitter during that time, his name might have been at the top of the buzz.

And then he meets Jesus.

He knows who Jesus is.  John knew that he was given the responsibility of being the "standard-bearer".  If you have ever seen the olympics and watched the opening ceremony, he would be like the flag bearer that walks in front of all of the important athletes.  This had been John's duty ever since he was conceived.  This is what he was "born" for.

If I were in John's sandals I wonder how I would have responded.  Would I have become defiant about who Jesus was (and is) so I could keep my popularity?  Would I try and make myself of more importance since I knew what people were about to see?  Would I even have denied Him so I could be "it"?

So John then stands at a crossroads.  Does he follow the flesh and set himself up further and claim the fame that was coming to him?  Or does he do exactly what he was called to do, to point the glory to Christ?  It seems that with no hesitation, as in answer to this question, we find him saying:

"He must increase, but I must decrease." {ESV}

As Christians, we are called to be salt and light in this world.  We are in essence called to the same calling that John was called to.  We are called to be standard-bearers for Christ.  How do we respond to our mandate?  Do we look at our lives and try to increase our own position and person, rather than trying to lift Christ into prominence in our lives?  Are we constantly trying to increase ourselves and decrease the characteristics of Christ in our lives?  Or do we respond with John in saying that Christ must always be first in our lives and we must always be in the background (if people see us at all)?

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